We think there is no real connection between the economic world of NFTs with the economic world of real life. We want to create a unique link and show the world that both spaces can coexist with each other. Even more, by combining both spaces, we can create value and benefit for users, customers, and the community and expand the possibilities of blockchain technology even more.
We introduce an NFT economic e-commerce model, where profits will be used to boost collateral of #ANFT token, and maintain a steady growth within the company. Demand for real economic use will boost our exposure, therefore we aim to stand strong within the NFT marketplace industry by bringing real economic value to each NFT.
In simple words, we want to sell any item or service which is available in the real world, we want to sell it as an NFT and really merge both spaces together with a huge economic value that stands behind such a solution.
There are plenty of use cases within block-chain space as well as real-world use cases. Please find in-depth information about use cases in our whitepaper.
A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a blockchain-based token that represents the ownership and provenance of a specific asset, such as an image or video.
The AlsoNFt NFT E-commerce Marketplace is your one-stop destination for listing and trading NFTs which have real-world value in them. The NFTs available on the platform include digital art, collectibles, products, and services from any real-world business or private persons. To learn more about AlsoNFt E-commerce NFT Marketplace, please visit

F.A.Q. NFT,s Metaverse and NFT e-commerce, NFT Marketplace

The metaverse is actually a 3D virtual reality that would enable people to interact with each other. You can think of the metaverse as a connected ecosystem of online 3D virtual environments, where users could interact with each other, create assets, play games, work and collaborate with each other.
The first promising use case of the metaverse is evident in the possibilities of using the metaverse for unlocking new marketing and branding opportunities. People can interact and socialize with each other through digital avatars in the metaverse. Brands could capitalize on this factor for identifying favorable marketing opportunities. The metaverse could also open up new opportunities for creating virtual workspaces. For example, enterprises could utilize virtual reality developers for creating customized virtual workspaces suited ideally for company management and employees. Virtual tourism will be a big part of the metaverse space, therefore there is space for e-commerce to adapt and grow within the technology. We believe Metaverse E-commerce which includes NFT will be the biggest step within the metaverse space and global adoption.
The next common addition among frequently asked questions about metaverse for beginners would refer to the appearance of the metaverse in the coming years. As Facebook has dived head-on into developing its metaverse, many other companies will be joining in. So, one would reasonably expect different metaverse platforms dedicated to each company. However, the metaverse would shape up in the future with different companies bringing their individual metaverse into one virtual world.
NFT marketplace is your gateway to participating in the purchase and sale of these digital assets, from art to music to entire virtual worlds. When you create an account with an NFT marketplace, you can browse through all their available options for sale. You can also add a payment method, and some require you to link a crypto wallet to pay with crypto, while others allow you to use a credit card. Some sites let you buy NFTs directly for a fixed price, while others will use an auction. If you complete the transaction, the NFT marketplace will record it on its blockchain showing the change of ownership.
NFTs are backed up with something valuable and can be exchanged for a real physical item, service, or product in the blockchain and in the real economic world.
NFTs ("Non-Fungible Tokens") are one-of-a-kind tokens that represent a unique good or asset, like digital art. They can be sold to collectors and the sale of NFTs.
Introducing NTTs (Non-transferable fungible tokens) and SoulBound NFTs will generate more usability in real-world use cases, therefore such a mechanism will attract retail users as well as business or product owners on a global scale. Use cases similar to e-commerce products, events & travel tickets, car or property keys, and IDs will be a part of the AlsoNFT e-commerce model linked directly to the ‘ANFT’ utility token. Such incentive will drive more uses to the NFT market in general, as well as allow us to increase collateral with profits generated within the AlsoNFT e-commerce model.
These are the options we have, and combining them we can create a business, a combination of a blockchain company and a real-world e-commerce company. THis allows us to generate profits and stand out from the crypto companies, who really do not have any profit model in mind.
#AlsoNFT will integrate automatic redeem processes with business and their customers. This will be an automated service that allows a smooth flow of operations on a large scale. Announcements of such integration will be made and will be visible in our AlsoNFT E-Commerce marketplace when launched.
The metaverse is useful because it greatly reduces our need to travel and use physical resources. Allows more services to be available globally. NFTs enable the property transactions that drive the metaverse. These tokens provide indisputable proof of ownership that is more secure than any land deed.


An Initial Coin Offering, or ‘ITO’ or an ‘ICO’ is a way of raising money. The money is raised by selling a new type of ‘coin’, ‘virtual currency’, or ‘token’ (for ease, this document will use the word token). The money raised by selling tokens could then be used by the persons raising the money for many different purposes. ITOs may also be called ‘token sales’, ‘coin sales’, or something similar.
No – those rules do not apply. The Regulated Activities Order 2011 defines what constitutes an “investment” for the purposes of the Financial Services Act 2008. The tokens issued through an ICO/ITO do not fall within that definition, and therefore the tokens are not regulated investments and the protections afforded to investors of traditional investment products regulated under the Financial Services Act 2008 do not apply
A common similarity among all ITOs is the issuance of new tokens in exchange for money, for another cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin), or in exchange for goods or services.
There are many ICOs/ITO and they all vary dramatically. Sometimes buyers might get an opportunity to use software or goods at a discounted rate, in other cases buyers get no rights or benefits at all. It is very important to understand, before purchasing, what rights you are entitled to and how you can exercise your rights. Remember; if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
The FSA has published FAQs on Collective investment schemes (“funds”) and pooled investments. These FAQs apply to any fund regardless of what asset class the fund holds: Additional consideration should be given to the risks posed by tokens as well as any cryptocurrency. The values can be highly volatile and they may become liquid in a very short space of time. Visit for more info
There will be several token distribution events, starting with ICO/ITO round 2, when WEB3 will be fully integrated for payments. Then after KYC procedures, tokens will be distributed from round1, airdrops, and immediately during round 2 in order to boost incentivized liquidity airdrop.
DEX listing will start after ITO ROUND1, at the same time with an incentive campaign for liquidity market makers. CEX listing will be announced after ITO and crowdfunding conclusion. Funds gathered through the process will be used for collateral, and list liquidity necessities, as well as balancing the price on a centralized exchange launch.
Our Profit model allows AlsoNFT to actually make money, therefore income will be distributed smartly to support the community, to collateralize the utility token and to drive AlsoNFT E-commerce model to a global adoption
Using the profits of the company to boost collateral will allow us to control a stable price growth throughout the tokenization of the NFT E-commerce industry. Prices can go as high as 100$ per 1 token #ANFT, assuming that demand for real economic solutions will grow proportionally. This is a prediction by #AlsoNFT.
There are several options to obtain #ANFT token via the crowd investment options. Please follow the link and click the ‘Invest Now’ button for detailed options
Please follow the medium article for a full detailed step-by-step guide. It's easy and convenient to learn by adding tokens by their contract to your wallet.
Yes, here is token verification proof: Token holders account by #AlsoNFT: 0x5B240EFc94a1e41e236e6Bb0A42E0D8A9855C2FE NFT Commerce account by #AlsoNFT: 0x24597045Ea04d12671a9691B860870eb4E1c56A2
Businesses that are subject to registration under the Designated Businesses (Registration and Oversight) Act 2015 (‘Designated Businesses’), such as virtual currency businesses, are required to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism legislation. The FSA only oversees whether Designated Businesses comply with Anti-Money Laundering laws. The FSA does not supervise or regulate a registered Designated Business in the same way that it supervises and regulates regulated entities such as banks or life insurance companies. Regulated entities are subject to a wide range of requirements governing the treatment of client money, the conduct of business, and solvency. These requirements do not apply to Designated Businesses. It is important to note that a Designated Business is not a regulated entity and must not hold out that it is anything but a registered Designated Business which is overseen only for compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism legislation.
YES! With the following link, you can get a more detailed overview and more answers to your questions. OR you can send us your question on ASK US ANYTHING.
Yes. Please email us at We will get back to you within asap. Visit for more info Want to learn more, find courses at

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